Mount & Blade: Warband — Floris Mod Pack

Перед вами крупнейший  и популярнейший пак модов за всю историю Mount & Blade: Warband — Floris Mod Pack. Представляет из себя огромную пользовательскую подборку из десятков модов, которые сделают игру интереснее, динамичнее, красивее и круче. Короче говоря, не зря топ-1 на nexusmods.

Полный список модов

Анимация (2 мода):
[OSP] Combat Animation Enhancement v5.0, Credit: Papa Lazarou
[OSP] Papa’s Community Animations v2.0, Credit: Papa Lazarou

Вещи (44 мода):
[OSP] 15th century weapons v1.1, Credit: Shredzorz
19 Warhorses v1.0, Credit: Lor Dric, with some horses by Saregona
[OSP] AlphaDelta’s Ancient warriors pack v1.0, Credit: AlphaDelta and Ealabor.
[OSP] Battlefield Priests v1.0, Credit: Yamabusi
[OSP] Better Horses Mod v1.2, Credit: saregona
Brytenwalda v1.38, Credit: Ibidil and the Brytenwalda Team
[OSP] Coloured Lances Project v1.0, Credit: CounterPoint391
[OSP] Crusader Heraldry v0.1, Credit: CounterPoint391
[OSP] Crusader Mail Armour Pack v1.2, Credit: Marcel
[OSP] Deployable Pavise Shield v1.0, Credit: Cartread
Dynasty Warrior/ROTK Fantasy Mod v2.40, Credit: Alex Dragon.
[OSP] Eastern Armor OSP v1.0, Credit: Xenoargh for the camel, the Prophesy of Pendor mod for a horse and the Litus mod for another horse. For the rest Njunja.
[OSP] Flintlock Firearms OSP v0.6, Credit: Llewd
[OSP] Flying missile pack v1.0, Credit: James
[OSP] Frell’s Khazak Armor Pack v1.0, Credit: frell
[OSP] HalfCataphract v2.0, Credit: Meshes by GothicKnight, textures by wanderer949
[OSP] Havocafied Bows v1.0, Credit: Havoc
[OSP] Helmets v0.2, Credit: Luigi, Njiekovic, Ursca, Ubberdorc, Mirathei, Raz., The Pope, TRC and Dindi for the items, Dindi for the compilation.
[OSP] Highlander Model Pack v1.0, Credit by Yamabusi
[OSP] Indo-Persian Armor Pack v1.2, Credit: drakharios
[OSP] Indo-Persian Armor II v1.0, Credit: drakharios
[OSP] Indo-Persian Shields v2.0, Credit: drakharios
[OSP] Item Variants v1.6, Credit: thick1988
[OSP] Long Caparisoned Horses v2.0, Credit: ZIRA and the 1257 mod for some textures, SPAK for the horse mesh. For the rest: wanderer949.
Magus Mod v1.7 (the items), Credit: Narf of Picklestink for the models, Oddball_E8 for the compilation
[OSP] More Horses v5.0, Credit: Textures made by AlienSlof, Talak and ZIRA. For the rest: wanderer949
[OSP] More Warhorses v2.0, Credit: Textures made by ZIRA, meshes and bump maps by Michał. For the rest: wanderer949
[OSP] Narf’s Rus Armour Pack v1.3, Credit: Narf of Picklestink
[OSP] Narf’s Transitional Armour Pack v1.3, Credit: Narf of Picklestink
[OSP] Norman helmet pack v1.1, Credit: Sayd Ûthman
[OSP] Oakeshott Sword Pack v0.2, Credit: CounterPoint391
[OSP] Pino’s Armors Pack, Credit: pino69
[OSP] Pino’s Armors Pack 2, Credit: pino69
[OSP] Reworked Armors v1.6, Credit: Kovas
Rise of the Khergits II v1.0, Credit: Caliph
[OSP] Silver Wolfs Resource Pack v6.0, Credit: Silverwolf
[OSP] Smiley Stuff v1.0, Credit: SendMeSmile
[OSP] Spak Items v2.0, Credit: Spak
[OSP] Standard Weapons Upgrade Project v1.2 lite, Credit: Talon
The Wild Wind v0.16, Credit: Shredzorz
[OSP] The Chocolate Box v1.01, Credit: Original artists: Dejawolf, Faradon, Maw, Narf of Picklestink, Talak and RR_Raptor65. Compilation by: beezarandy
[OSP] Model Pack v2010, Credit: Dejawolf
Warband Horses v4.0, Credit: Lor Dric
[OSP] Weapons v1.0, Credit: James, Luigi, RR_Raptor65 and The Pope for the items, Bismarck for the compilation.

Музыка (4 мода):
[OSP] Rejenorst Sound Design, Credit: rejenorst
Utrehd’s Music Pack v0.8, Credit: Utrehd and rejenorst
[OSP] Warband Live Music v1.0, Credit: CHUR
[OSP] Warband Live Music Remixes v1.0, Credit: rejenorst

Объекты сцен (9 модов):
[OSP] 17th century Dutch buildings, Credit: Renkoo
[OSP] Al Mansur packs v1.0, Credit: Al_Mansur
Better Banners Mod v2.0, Credit: MarkQuinn
[OSP] CounterPoint’s Buttress Pack v0.2, Credit: CounterPoint391
[OSP] Dungeon-Labyrinth-parts and Magnus-Hammer v1.0, Credit: Albertus Magnus
Extreme Banner Pack v1.0, Credit: chukcha
[OSP] Hayalperest’s Buildings v1.0, Credit: hayalpeREST
Polished Buildings, Credit: gutekfiutek
[OSP] Warband Entrenched v1.1, Credit: Tempered

Сцены (6 модификаций):
[OSP] Arena Overhaul mod v1.0, Credit: Adorno
El Arte De La Guerra UNOFFICIAL Siege Fix v1.4, Credit: Smarmellows
El Arte de la Guerre v1.75, Credit: leandrojas_
[OSP] Historic Castles Project — the British Isles v1.2, Credit: Adorno
[OSP] Training Fields v1.0, Credit: lucky lancer
Utrehd’s Castle Pack v.0.32, Credit: Utrehd

Скрипты (27 модов и скриптов):
[OSP] Adding a new skill: Foraging v0.1, Credit: jrider
[OSP] Arch3r OS: Terrain advantage v1.0, Credit: Arch3r
[OSP] Barracks v1.0, Credit: lazeras
[OSP] Blood enhancement tweak v0.5, Credit: neil_v
[OSP] Buy Troops Ale, Credit: Geoffrey Ashe, modified by lazeras
[OSP] Companions Overview v1.0, Credit: Jedediah Q, modified by lazeras
Custom Commander v1.329, Credit: rubik
[OSP] Customizable sparring matches v1.0, Credit: Jinnai, modified by lazeras
[OSP] Diplomacy v4.2, Credit: Waihti, hessuu, fisheye, rubik, jrider, Mjöllnir, Akmar Nibelung and zParsifal
[OSP] Dynamic arrays, Credit: sphere
[OSP] Expanded dialog system kit v1.0, Credit: jrider, modified by lazeras
[OSP] Expanded nobility title system kit v0.3.3, Credit: jrider, modified by lazeras
[OSP] Flora Kinds Python v1.0, Credit: xenoargh
[OSP] Forced recruits v2.0, Credit: Utrehd & Topper, modified by lazeras, overhauled by Duh
[OSP] Formations and AI Minimod v4-Nov.beta, Credit: motomataru & Caba`Drin
[OSP] Join any side of a battle v1.0, Credit: NaglFaar, modified by lazeras
[OSP] Lancers: Use the right weapon! Battle edition v1.0, Credit: original code by CryptoCactus and Hatonastick, renewed code by Caba`drin.
[OSP] ModMerger framework v0.2.3, Credit: sphere
[OSP] Morale penalty based on troops quality v2.0, Credit: kt0, modified by lazeras
[OSP] New presentations for reports v1.2, Credit: jrider
[OSP] Open Source Project Warband v1.131b, Credit: Bismarck for the compilation.
[OSP] Spear Bracing Kit v2.0, Credit: The Mercenary and the development team of NE, ported to Warband by Caba`Drin
[OSP] Sea Battles Mk. II & Misc Scenes v1.0, Credit: Wulf & Ruthven
[OSP] Trade Goods Mod v1.0, Credit: Lav
[OSP] Tournament lancers: Use the right weapon v2.0, Credit: Hatonastick, modified by lazeras
Warband Improved Custom banners for lords and companions script, Credit: JethroKirby
[OSP] Zaitenko’s Reinforcement Script, Credit: Zaitenko

Менюшки и прочее.. (8 модов):
[OSP] Face and UI textures v1.2, Credit: Jed_Q
[OSP] Face Improvement Project v1.0, Credit: Iboltax
[OSP] Face Textures v1.0, Credit: Aquil
[OSP] Female face model and textures replacer v1.30, Credit: Broken_one, updated by Barf
[OSP] New Hairs for Warband v1.0, Credit: Jaymosuke, Throttlekitty, Ren, Rosesim, Nouk and Aligeth
[OSP] Sibylla Pack Unfinished, Credit: Sibylla
[OSP] Thel’s Face Pack v3.0, Credit: Thel
[OSP] Yiyang Chen’s new faces textures v1.3, Credit: Yiyang Chen, Jed Q and Rosha

Звуки (4 мода):
[OSP] Cries of War v3.0, Credit: Eisenhouwer
More Metal Sound Mod V2.2, Credit: Checkmaty
Official Vocals Sound Pack v7.0, Credit: rejenorst
[OSP] Sounds of Suffer v0.8, Credit: __Khanate__

Текстуры (14 модов):
[OSP] Expanded Horizons v1.1, Credit: Openshaw
[OSP] Flora Enhancement Mod v1.2, Credit: killkhergit
Graphical Boost Pack v1.0, Credit: massimolippi for the compilation, Captain_Octavius for the Tulga fix.
[OSP] Improved Buildings v1.04, Credit: SendMeSmile
[OSP] More natural grass and greener ground for 2.5 Beta v2.0, Credit: Taro8
[OSP] Movie Warband v09-02-2011, Credit: CHUR
[OSP] Panoramic v2.0, Credit: TheWitcher & Soil
Polished Landscapes v1.0, Credit: gutekfiutek
Polished Skyboxes v0.9, Credit: Charan
Note: One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.
Realistic Textures Pack v1.1, Credit: FantasyWarrior
[OSP] Real Water Mod v1.1, Credit: CptJoker
[OSP] Text Refreshment Mod 0.96c, Credit: Shaxx
[OSP] Texture Fiddling v1.0, Credit: lucky lancer
[OSP] World Map HD v1.1, Credit: painbringer

За основу взят Native Warband v1.143, Credit: TaleWorlds

Различные изменения сделанные стараниями команды мода (24 работы):
[OSP] Bodyguards/Escorts in Town/Village Scenes v2.0, Credit: Caba`drin
[OSP] Character Creation v1.0, Credit: Windyplains, inspired by the work of Rubik
[OSP] Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles v1.0, Credit: Caba`Drin
[OSP] Custom Player Party Name v1.0, Credit: Caba`Drin
[OSP] Faction Arms Coloured v1.0, Credit: Monnikje
[OSP] Freelancer v1.3, Credit: taragoth, the Freelancer Team and the Floris Team
[OSP] Estates of the Realm v1.0, Credit: Windyplains
[OSP] Floris Item Overhaul, Credit: Monnikje
[OSP] Floris Scene Overhaul, Credit: Monnikje
[OSP] Floris Specific Items, Credit: Monnikje
[OSP] Fog of War, Credit: Duh
[OSP] Kingdom Management Tools v1.0.1, Credit: Windyplains
[OSP] Landowners/Moneylenders, Credit: Duh, inspired by the Bank of Calradia v2.0 by Garnier, Keedo420 and lazeras
[OSP] Map Icons reflecting scenes, Credit: Monnikje, based on the resources from CounterPoint391
[OSP] Multiple Troop Trees, Credit: Monnikje, Duh and Caba`Drin
[OSP] Order: Skirmish Mode v1.0, Credit: Caba`drin
[OSP] Order: Volley Fire!, Credit: Caba`Drin
[OSP] Order: Weapon Type Switch v1.0, Credit: Caba`drin
[OSP] Pre-battle Orders & Deployment v0.91, Credit: Caba`drin
[OSP] Seafaring, Credit: Duh & Caba`Drin
[OSP] Special Troops and Tactics, Credit: Duh & Caba`Drin
[OSP] Trade Ledger, Credit: Caba`Drin
[OSP] Trade with Merchant Caravans, Credit: Caba`Drin
[OSP] Tournament Play Enhancements v1.5, Credit: Windyplains


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